:Kuma: Alto Stratus:

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Recorded live at the Grove, 4-5 am, 10/31/10

:Music to play in the dark:

Dead Voices On Air: Something Maybe
Girl Unit: Wut
Kode 9 and Spaceape: You Don't Wash (Martyn Remix)
Plastikman: Spastik
LV: Boomslang
Four Tet: Sing (Mosca Remix)
2562: The Wind Up
Velour: Booty Slammer
Moderat: Seamonkey (Untold Remix)
Scuba: Latch (Will Saul and Mike Monday Remix)
Fist: Night Hunter:
Ramadanmann: Fall Short
Cooly G: Dis Boy (DVA Remix)
Shed: With Bag and Baggage
James Blake: Klavierwerke
Skream: Rollin' Kicks
British Murder Boys: Hate Is Such A Strong Word
Kuma ft Juakali: What It's Not (Grievous Angel Remix)
Silkie: Bass Junkie
Decree: Tribal Sanctuary
Riya: The Cycle
Scorn: LT 94
Kito: LFO
XXXY: Flew
Icicle: Anything
Africa Hi Tech: Too Late
Kuma: Dawn Stepped Outside (Horsepower Remix)
Scuba: Three Sided Shape
Kode 9 and Spaceape: Ghost Town

All stink, grime and delerium, fully intended.