pure live

:Kuma: Pure Live Psychic Automatism:

Recorded live at Blim, 11/6/10, at the Pure Psychic Automatism Art Show.

"The real importance of automatism lay in the fact that it led to a different relation between the artist and the creative act. Where the artist had traditionally been seen as someone who invents a personal world, bringing into being something unique to his own 'genius', the surrealists conceived themselves as explorers and researchers rather than 'artist' in the traditional sense and it was discovery rather than invention that became crucial for them."
— Michael Richardson

"The voluntary relinquishing of responsibility for our lives and our actions is one of the greatest enemies of our time."
-Genesis P. Orridge , Psychic T.V


Moby: Underwater 2

Kode 9 and Spaceape: Ghost Town
BunZero: Sideline
Alix Perez: Metric
George Fitzgerald: Weakness
Kode 9: 9 Samurai
Shackleton: Hamas Rule
Brackles: LHC
Commix ft Steve Spacek: How You Gonna Feel? (Pangea Remix)
Ikonika: Sahara Michael
Kryptic Minds: One Of Us
Darkstar: Squeeze My Lime
Kito: Don't Wanna Lose You
Benga: I Come From London
BunZero: Roots
Vaccine: Fever (Kito Remix)
Cosmetics: Ratas
Badawi: Dstry_Al_Prfts (Shackleton Remix)
Africa Hi Tech: Lash Out
Africa Hi Tech: Boingy
Kode 9 and Spaceape: Time Patrol
SBTRKT: The Unspoken
Silkie: 80's Baby
Relocate: Blowin' Down Mistral (Cauto Remix)
James Blake: CMYK
The Bug: Fuckaz
Joker: Digidesign
Kito: On The Floor
Badawi: El Topo
The Bug: Skeng
Various: Gain
Moby: Underwater 2
Moby: Underwater 2