:Kuma: :Under The Stars And The Night Sky:

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Recorded in the Den Studios, Saturday, October 17th, 2009

"If it goes any faster, there'll be an astral disaster"
-Coil, the Sea Priestess

"Mine is the night, with all her stars. "
~Edward Young

"The stars are the street lights of eternity. "
-Author Unknown

Kuma: Under The Stars And The Night Sky

Intro c/o Jeff Buckley
Darkstar: Videotape
Spherix and Kwality: Shiver
Sigha: Wasted
El-B: The Club
Headhunter and F: Dedale
Dakimh: Done
M83: We Own The Night (L-Wiz Remix)
Kial: Quantum Flux
Gemmy: Rainbow Road
Grievous Angel: Contraflow
Sharmaji: Turbo Soul Power
James Blake: Air and Lack Thereof
Jus Wan: Dwell
Kontext: Plumes (Relocate Remix)
Mew: Vaccine (Eskmo Remix)
F: NightDive
DJG: Obsessed
Misst: Pardon
Double Helix: Cryosleep
Skint and Demoralised: Red Lipstick (Sub Swara remix)
Plastician: Still Tippin' Vocal
Djunya: On The Verge
Pangea: Memories