:Kuma: Live At

Recorded live at at Lanalou's. October 3rd, 2013

With thanks to Team Bon.zai for having me and to the post Decibel refugees and the soon to be traveling for showing up.

A treatise on the aesthetics of shadow.

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The KLF: Madrugada Eternal
Jeff Mills: Condor To Mallorca
Silent Servant: Diciple To Master
Nitzer Ebb: Join In The Chant
Sandwell District: Grey Cut Out
Russ Gabriel: Aligator Voodoo
Benjamin Damage: Extrusion
British Murder Boys: All The Saints Have Been Hung
Round Two: New Day
Rocketnumbernine: Matthew And Toby (Four Tet Remix)
Chemical Brothers: Leave Home (Underworld Remix 2)
Chemical Brothers: Life Is Sweet (Remix 2)
House Of Black Lanterns: Beg
Apparat: 44. (Noise Version)
S/SS: Siglo 2
The KVB: Dayzed (Regis Remix)
Surgeon: Bad Hands
John Tejada and Qzen: Sucre
The XX: Fiction (Marcus Worgull Remix)
James Holden: A Break In The Clouds
Radiohead: Little By Little (Caribou Remix)
Commix: Satellite Type 2 (Underground Resistance Remix)
Regis: Purification
Martyn ft Spaceape: Is This Insanity? (Ben Klock Remix)
Jeff Mills: Changes Of Life
The KLF: 3am Somewhere Outside Of Beaumont
The Beach Boys: God Only Knows