:kuma: :the weight: of a travellers footprint:

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"out of light, cometh darkness"

-the words inscribed on the door on the cover of Coil's Love's Secret Domain LP.

"out of darkness, came light"

-some guy.

recorded live in the den, 7/5/09

dj olive- triage
ryuichi sakamoto- world citizen (taylor deupree remix)
deaf centre- thread
brian mcbride- the guilt of uncomplicated thoughts
juliana barwick- sunlight, heaven
jon hopkins- the wilder sun
christopher willits- plants and hearts
shackleton- the rope tightens (badawi remix)
hildur gunadottir- circular
fennesz- black sea
various productions-foller (zan lyons remix)
saint ettienne- like a motorway (autechre remix)
hudson mohawke- star crackout
matka- somnabulic (moving ninja remix)
max richter- on the nature of daylight
dead leaf- save from the flames all yet remains
telefon tel aviv- sound in a darkened room
(juliana barwick-cloudbank)
matthew robert cooper- miniature 3
the dirty three- i offered it up to the stars and the night sky