Location : Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Affilation : Team Lounge
Style: Audio-Erotic Excursion Sounds. Ambient and Downtempo. IDM

Be afraid, be very afraid, as Vancouver's queen of ambience will make you punch drunk with her diverse array of downtempo beats, then floor you with close to a decade's worth of experience in the ambient realm. Do not be lulled by the honeyed vibes of Binhex's secret ambient and downtempo frequencies. Like a python, she uses musical hypnosis to chill out her unsuspecting victims. In the past 7 years, she has used her sorcery to pull off such capers as Centre Neptune, X-Mas, Devolution, as well as reigning over Victoria's den of vinyl, the Temple Of Sound. Binhex can also be found layin' wax in the easy tempo rooms of finer events in the Pacific Northwest. Founder of TeamLounge, fisherwoman extraordinaire, she is the sound you never hear but feel when you least expect it.

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