We are currently not working with an active booking roster. If you’re interested in working with us on specific projects or on a one-off basis, drop us an email.

From House to Dubstep, Ambient to Drum and Bass, we remain in tune with the best in electronic dance music.

DJs and producers we have worked with in the past:


SPACE TIME CONTINUUM (Reflective Records, SF)

T-POWER (Digital Soundboy, UK)

MIXMASTER MORRIS (Big Chill/Ninja Tune, UK)

KID KAMELEON (XLR8R/Shockout/Mashit)

DJ ABSTRACT (Phunckateck/Tempa/The Invisibles, SF)

MRK 1 (Rephlex/Planet-Mu/Boka, UK)

ECHO (Phunckateck/Violence/Commercial Suicide)

JOE NICE (Dub War, Baltimore)

QZEN (Poker Flat, Palette, 40 Thieves, SF)

UFO! (Thermal Recordings/Skunkrock)

SELECTOR MOLDY (Thermal/Heavy Pressings)

DJ CLEVER (Offshore Recordings, NYC)

KID KAMELEON (Shockout, Mashit, XLR8R, SF)

RIPLEY (Deathsucker, Surya Dub, Riddim Method, SF)

SAGE (Phunckateck/Phylum/Moonshine)

ELEKTRA (Phylum)

HASSLEHOFF (Team Lounge, Vancouver)

BINHEX (Team Lounge, Vancouver)

SINSEER (Sleeveless, San Francisco)