The Pan Ambient Series

The Pan Ambient series is all about collaboration in music, food, and art.

Conceived by Lady Eve as an opportunity to bring together the finest that cities across around the world have to offer in their downbeat department, the revolution occurs from the horizontal position.

Check out our CD release, featuring artists of the Pan Ambient Bento (TKG 002) and the digital release celebrating the artists of the Pan Ambient Dim Sum (TKG007).

As of September 2014, we will have held seven Pan Ambient Events in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Tokyo, Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast and Atlanta.

The Forward Sound Series

The Forward Series is about bringing the finest in forward-thinking bass music and soundsystem culture (dubstep, jungle, dancehall, dub) to Vancouver.

We were the first party in Vancouver to headline with a dubstep legend and we were the first party that T-Power played after a ten year absence from North American shores.

Paying homage to Factory Records, each party has its own catalog number.

Even as modern bass music’s hyper-speed maturation continues to lead it down corridors riddled with the same perils that have sent so many off the tracks into boredom, apathy and carbon copy syndrome, we continue to hold the torch for the future of bass.

We have held four events so far and our next will celebrate a decade plus of The Konspiracy Group.