Location : Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Affilations : The Konspiracy Group,  Art Of Beatz Radio

Variations on a bass music theme: Dubstep,  downtempo, dub, ambient, drum and bass.

Genesis P-Orridge has alot to answer for...

Where to begin? A veteran bass slinger of over a decade, Kuma has brought sounds across the dub-based spectrum to ear and asses from Sapporo to San Francisco.

Recognised by the likes of BBC Radio 1's The Breezeblock and their infamous "Dubstep Warz" show for his excursions into the dubstep realm and abilty to turn heads both on the dancefloor and in the sound-art field, his is not your average sound.

Owner/founder of the Konspiracy Group, a music group, booking agency and p.r. hub for future music of all kinds, he's a leader in the North American bass music field, helping deliver dubstep and jungle basslines to waistlines across North America.

A former host and producer with CBC Radio and current host of Art Of Beatz, Vancouver's home for electronic music on the radio, he's got one hand on the pulse and the other on on a red stripe...


Kuma- Dawn Stepped Outside/Lost In Translation 12" (Immerse Records)
Gunshae- Travelling Without Memory (TKG Music 001)
Gunshae- Deeper Down and Miraculous Image Of Sound Washed Ashore (TKG Music 002)


Signals From Radio Mars: Dubstep

Answers for New Ages: Dubstep

Hope and Ashes: Downtempo and Ambient

Live At Soundwave: Ambient and dubstep

Calling Out The Vultures: Dubstep

Forward Sounds for Backward Times: Dubstep

Snowblind: Ambient and Downtempo

Electricty Makes Angels Of All Our Words : Ambient and Downtempo

Shards and Fragments : Ambient and Downtempo 

Of Darkness and Southern Tongues: Drum and Bass w/ Eve:

Shards of Potato and Banana: Ambient and downtempo

My Life In A Bush of Ghosts : Drum and bass (right click and save as)

Stanford Is Burning : Ambient on Four Turntables w/ Eve, live on KZSU, Stanford, California.

Part 2   -   Part 3

Kuma vs Tawney: Live In Seattle on Four decks

Art Of Beatz Podcasts: Weekly Radio Archives In Various Beat Flavours.

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