Pan Ambient Angeles


Amplyfi Music, Los Angeles, California.

Amplyfi is located in the alley behind Astroburger on the 5600 block of Melrose ave between Gower and El Centro.  Google map: 5617 1/2 Melrose ave

Sunday,  August 11th, 2013

730pm-11pm. $10.

All ages.

Handbill design: Homage to Pete Namlook’s Music For Urban Meditation

It’s an evening of the slow end theory..

For its 9th year, the Pan Ambient event series takes a turn to Southern California, focusing light and sound through the prism that is the eyes and ears of Los Angeles. This is a study in slow end theory bringing together the finest that the left coast has to offer. Over the course of this evening we’ll touch on everything from chopped and screwed sounds to the deepest jazz odyssey and leap from lush electronics to cinematic dronescapes. This is the underground soul of the city of Angels made flesh to soundtrack that big Panambient sleep. It’s the new style, one where the revolution occurs from the horizontal position.

Lineup includes live PA performances from:

Gunshae (Vancouver/Cancun)

Gunshae (pronounced Gun-shai) is the Panambient project of Canadian dubstep pioneer, Kuma and renowned oboist and DJ, Lady Eve. Together they combine classical training with live improvisation and electronics. Tossing aside classical music’s obsession with adherence to the written score and live electronic performance’s stereotype of one guy behind a laptop checking his email, both members of Gunshae have been known to start the show on stage and finish up in the audience. Gunshae are not your average sound art duo or ambient performance act. Breaking down barriers between audience and performer, Gunshae is as happy in the chill out room as it is the art gallery or concert hall. Each performance is completely unique, site/audience specific and completely devoted to embracing the moment.

Kone (LA)

KONE will likely be a new name to most people out there, but if the rest of the world catches on to what Los Angeles has already figured out, that could change soon. Originally from Topanga Canyon and now rooted in East Hollywood for the last decade, KONE is a native Angeleno poised to do his hometown proud. And even if you’ve never heard the name, you’ve probably heard the sounds; KONE’s tracks were played at Low End Theory long before he ever did.


An ever evolving mix of live electronics, improv and compositions. Sonic sparring partner with Ryat and the Icy Demons.

The Log.os (LA)

The Log.Os is the open-ended experiment and creative handle of Los Angeles-based musician Ken Barrientos. The first album (entitled, unspeakably: λόγος) was self-released quietly via tumblr – resulting in viral recognition. It includes vocals from Nikko Gray and Iman Omari. Also featured are Bilal and Ty$. Self-described as post-genre, the music evokes a washed-out blend of elements – from ambient soundscapes and post-rock/shoegaze to rnb/soul and pop. Bleak and dark as it is warm and human, and somehow as sparse and spacious as it is involved. Critics have likened the production to that of Massive Attack, Burial, and James Blake. The Log.Os has opened up for Shabazz Palaces and Gonjasufi, has generated a series of remixes, and has been featured extensively on NPR.

Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca (spoken word, live art)

Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca is a visual artist/writer working in various mediums including digital, writing, drawing and photography.  His artwork is exhibited in art galleries around the world, including Parco Museum in Tokyo, Japan and the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo, Japan.  His writing is published in literary journals, magazines, books and anthologies including Dance the Guns to Silence.  His photography is published in various art books including Graffiti World: Street Art from Five Continents.  He collaborates visually with Detroit Techno record labels Los Hermanos and Jeff Mills’ Axis Records; Francois K.’s dub label Deep Space and others.



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The Log.os

Mast and Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca



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