Change, ladies and gentlemen, remains afoot.

Until further notice, this website continues in a state of flux, likely till V3.0 launches, which will be soon enough. Well, perhaps a little longer than expected but fuck it. When you're hand coding html, it's not immediate.

To quote a force of nature I know, "Change Is In The Air."

Bruises and scars not withstanding, you will note that the good ship TKG is perhaps heading in a new direction. Despite changing winds, names leaving, names joining, names evaporating, we continue along the same path we have always forged.. We haven't stopped honouring the same things that made us start doing this all those years ago, so dont expect anything less.

We have secured the long rumoured distro deal for vinyl and pending the time that comes with being dependent on the ways of others, we look forward to cementing our legacy in 12" format relatively soon.  TKG003 remains in essence, the proper raised fist/middle finger that we have always hoped it would be. We do not call ourselves North American dubstep pioneers because it looks good on paper, we do it because we were there risking rent and rep long before most others.

Summer 2009 brings a great many intriging projects to the fore. We look forward to making our presence known at this year's edition of the Soundwave Music Festival in Uculet, BC. Not only will our dear friend Hataken be returning to spread Nihon no analogue virus; Kuma, Lady Eve and Motomasa will be there as will Gunshae, sailing the flagship into Mussel Beach for some serious live panambience.  Soundwave remains one of our fave places to play and we are once again honoured for the third year in a row to be working with the family.

We are also hopefully bringing together some friends for Soundwave that may get you moving deep across that double fine zone, but that's to be announced once everything comes together.

In the meantime...

Kuma has 12"s due on Creative Space and TKG Music. Keep an eye out for the live pa, it's finally coming together.

Have you heard Kuma's new downtempo mix?

Lady Eve will be making an appearance on TKG004, her first vinyl release. We just need her to curb her wanderlust and actually get sampling kyudo seminars.  

Gunshae will put out album number two when they are good and ready. In the emantime, prepare for alchemy.

Motomasa?  Wouldn't you like to know. Remember what the Jungle Brothers said. "Girl, you in my hut now..."

The Konspiracy the skies and your bassbins.


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